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Hockey Stick Demo Program In Minneapolis. Paul Minnesota

Experience before you commit:

At Dave’s Sport Shop, we understand the significance of finding the perfect hockey stick to elevate your game. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Hockey Stick Demo Program, offering players the unique opportunity to test and experience a variety of sticks before making a purchase.

How It Works

Extensive Stick Selection:

Explore our diverse range of hockey sticks from renowned brands. We offer sticks designed for various playing styles, preferences, and skill levels, ensuring you find the one that feels just right for you.

Demo at Your Convenience:

Take advantage of our Hockey Stick Demo Program by trying out a stick at your convenience. Feel the weight, test the flex, and experience the performance on the ice. Bring the stick to your practices and truly get a sense of its capabilities.

Demo Fees Apply:

While there is a nominal fee associated with demoing a stick, we believe it’s a small investment compared to the value of finding the perfect stick. This fee covers the opportunity to test the stick for an extended period, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Credit on Purchase:

What sets our program apart is that if you decide to purchase a hockey stick from Dave’s after demoing, we’ll provide you with a 50% credit of the demo rental fee. It’s our way of rewarding your commitment to finding the right equipment.

Why Demoing Hockey Sticks is Essential:

Personalized Choice:

Hockey sticks are a personal choice, and what works for one player may not work for another. Demoing allows you to find the stick that suits your playing style, shot preferences, and overall comfort.

Performance Assurance:

Experience the stick’s performance in real-game situations. From shooting to stickhandling, demoing ensures you’re confident in the stick’s capabilities before making a purchase.

Informed Decision:

Avoid buyer’s remorse by making an informed decision. Demoing provides valuable insights that go beyond the specifications, allowing you to choose a stick with confidence.

Credit Incentive:

Our credit incentive rewards you for choosing Dave’s Sport Shop for your hockey stick purchase. It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting us and ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

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Visit Dave’s Sport Shop today and take advantage of our Hockey Stick Demo Program. Try it on the ice, bring it to practice, and make an informed decision before committing to the stick that will enhance your game. At Dave’s, we’re committed to ensuring you find the perfect equipment for your hockey journey.

You must have a credit card to demo a hockey stick, that credit card will not be charged but authrorized for the full price of the stick until the stick has been returned in good working condition.

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